"Shiv has touched my mind and opened my heart to give back to society the values that have made me succeed as a doctor and CEO of Gleneagles Hospital."
Dr. Timothy Low, CEO, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
“The Best of its Kind.”
Andre Keller, Chief Executive, Zuellig Pharma Sdn. Bhd.
“Very self-enriching programme.”
George Seah, Officer, Singapre Armed Forces
“The last 3 days were worth a lifetime of knowledge.”
Catherine Lim, Director, Lucent Technologies Pte Ltd.
“The program provides a sense of purpose. One comes out of the program as a better person.”
S.G. Thampi, Director, American Express Bank
“Excellent! I came to see and I went home wanting to see more.” – Dr S.S. Ngoi, Surgeon, Singapore
Dr S.S. Ngoi, Surgeon, Singapore
“Many courses tell you ‘What’. This one tells you ‘How’.”
S. Christina Lok, Regional Conference Director, Centre for Management Technology, Singapore
“Came in with a barrier of my potential. After three days I realized I had far greater potential within me and I was the only barrier.”
A Somu Kumar, Country Director, Eli Lilly Asia
“Best Value… Just received from the 3-day seminar.”
Mr. Victor Hau, MD Wyeth (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia/Singapore/Vietnam
“For the 3 days of workshop, you were able to deliver your promise of 200%.”
Suzie Chiang, Sales Training, Asiamed Pharmaceutical Products, Singapore
“Having been exposed to a number of training programs all over the world, I feel your program was one of the best.”
Michael Stier, Director, Lufthansa German Airlines
“….Where was this program 10 years ago? I wish I had an opportunity to do it then…..”
John Duckworthy, Financial Controller, Revlon Sdn, Bhd, Malaysia
“… Very simple, every day, down to earth things that will keep me in good standing for the rest of my life…”
Naomi Roberts, Le Meridien, The Bahamas
“I only wish I had attended your program 10 years back.”
Francis Alphonso, Head HRD, ING Barings
“Very impactful message clear. We decide our destiny.”
Mr. Venugopal Naidu, Manager, May Bank , Malaysia
“Shiv is simply fantastic. He makes me have the confidence that I have the ability to change failure into success.”
Segun Adeyemi, Lufthansa German Airlines
“100% Return on my investment is an understatement!”
Linda Baker, Certified Public Accountant, East Orange, NJ, USA
“I came in with the spark dead. I am leaving with the fuse ignited…”
S.Nagarajan, President Deutsche Software, Deutsche Bank Group
“In spite of my busy schedule it was the best investment of my time and money.”
Baseem E.A. Loughani, Director, Embassy of the State of Kuwait
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"Shiv has touched my mind and opened my heart to give back to society the values that have made me succeed as a doctor and a CEO of Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore."

Dr. Timothy Low, CEO, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore



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