“I was a directionless person. The program has helped me to set direction”
Mr Rajesh Lakshman, Sr. Process Manager, Crossdomain Solutions Pvt Ltd
“The time taken off to attend has been invaluable.”
Mrs Suma Kumar, Doctor, Excel Care Hospital.
“This is a life changing program.”
Mr. Sandeep Joshi, Manager- HR, Atlas Copco (India) Ltd.
“It gave me a good recap of good values in life. Touched!”
Ms. Kritika Sethi, Search Analyst, Yahoo Software Development Centre
“Notwithstanding my three decades experience in Army, this program was real eye-opener”
Brg. James Devadass, Chief GM (Systems & Integration), Borg Energy India Pvt Ltd.
“Excellent, eye-opener”
Mr C R Shankar, Sales Manager, Neon Laboratories Ltd.
“This training just supplemented a skill to become strong leader.”
Mr. Upendra Kumar Singh, Sr. Manager – Operations, VMWare Inc.
“It was not only an eye-opener but a mind-opener”
Mr Niraj Chandra, Director, Atul Auto Ltd.
"Today after 3 days of direct training by Mr. Shiv Khera, I look forward to exponential growth in my life."
Mr. Amaladoss Mariasusai, Director – HR, Tempel Precision Metal Products India Pvt. Ltd.
"It helped me building a positive attitude and values."
Mr. Deepak More, AVP – Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd.
"It acted as guiding principle to navigate rest of my life."
Mr. Aniruddha Ainapure, Executive Director – J.P. Morgan India Services Pvt. Ltd.
"It helped me not only with the 'why' but also the 'how' of goal setting."
Mr. Hitesh Shah, Director – Blackberry India
"Generation of strong ideas, concepts enriching every aspect of life."
Mr. Vikram Shah, Director – Haver Standard India Pvt. Ltd.
"Very useful, powerful & impactful. Will help me shaping my personality in a positive way."
Mr. Karthik Kumar, Sr. Officer – Toyota Kirloskar Motors
"I am more confident. Your class was a great moral booster for me to address any public platform."
Mr. Yeshwant U. Rege, Partner, Dr. Rege’s Laboratories.
"I have started thinking differently, in a much big horizon."
Mr. Arvind Sharma, National Head Key Accounts, Eureka Forbes Ltd.
"Clarity of “what goes into building a character”. It was a mind opener."
Mr. Bharat Sood, CEO, Meenakshi Polymers.
"Enhanced/improved way of looking at things and resolving problems."
Mr. Shantanu Nandi - General Manager, Hindalco Industries Ltd.
"It was a life changing experience."
Mr. John D’Costa, Casino Manager, Goa Carnival & Leisure Pvt. Ltd.
"Having been exposed to a number of training program all over the world, I feel your program was one of the best."
Michael Stier, Director, Lufthansa German Airlines, Southeast Asia
"The last 3 days were worth a lifetime of knowledge."
Catherine Lim, Director, Lucent Technologies Pte . Ltd.
"My productivity and effectiveness have gone up. I get more done in less time."
Basem E.A Al-Loughani, The Embassy of Kuwait
"The course is stylishly detailed. The gains are instant for those willing to self audit and change"
R.O. Olawale, Coca Cola
"This is no ordinary seminar. Come expecting an experience that will change your life."
Leong Chun Chong, Temasek Polytechnic
"The program helped me define my mission, vision in life . Develop leadership skills."
Monish R Parekh, Sr.Manager-Business System Technology, HDFC Standard Life Insurance
"Shiv has touched my mind and opened my heart to give back to society the values that have made me succeed as a doctor and a CEO of Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore."
Dr. Timothy Low, CEO, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
"I learnt in 2 days what I didn’t discover in 8 years of sales & business."
Mr. Rohit Saraogi, Director – Design Desk
"Sharpened my mind, helped bring focus into my life"
Mr Suresh Krishnamurthy, Medical Director, P.E.S Institute of Medical Services
"It helped me in clearing certain self-doubts and re-energized to take further challenges in life."
Mr Virender Razdan, General Manager – ITC Ltd
"It has changed my attitude."
Mrs. J.D. Shobha, Chief Manager, Canara Bank
"This program has helped me structure my thought process."
Mr. Syam Sunder, Technical Director, MSC Software
"This has been an eye-opener ."
Mr Shivraj Nagesh, Sales Manager – South, Neon Laboratories Ltd.
"The program is super."
Mr. Sunil Suresh Chiplunkar VP-Business Development & Training, Jagdale Ind. Ltd.
After completion of this program, I feel as if I am different person"
Mr. Sunit Jain, Director – Barclays Wealth & Investment
"The content brought out many hidden truths and made me realize the importance of ‘DO IT NOW’ . Really focused on practical and doable aspects of life. Great content. Will always remember and implement the learning."
Qayum Mukaddam, VP-Medical Services, Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Ramchandra Prabhoo, Medical Director – Mukund Hospital, Mumbai
"It is a must for all companies to send leaders and team for this foundation program."
Mr. Kapil Thapar, Vice President – Adani Power Ltd.
"It gave me an opportunity to do introspection and gave me a guiding light for the future journey."
Mr. Rajesh Malhotra, Dy. General Manager, Hindalco Industries Ltd.
"Changed my focus of thinking, I should have done it few years ago."
Mr. Neeraj Verma, Head – Compliance Mutual Fund, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.
"Mentally refreshing and gives a wake up call to our values in life."
Mr. Neeraj Shukla, Gen. Manager (West Zone), Daikin Air-conditioning India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.
"Rare combination and understanding of personal needs and professional life in terms of Leadership Qualities."
Mr. Praveen Kumar, Director, Volvo Auto India.
"It benefited in giving me much more clarity in defining my short term, medium term & long term goals."
Mr. Pratik Shah, Director, Pentacle Realty Pvt. Ltd.
"I have benefitted from attending the program by understanding how to improve selling skills, close order and how to put open questionnaires."
Nawab Zahid Ahmed, Branch Manager, Pitney Bowes India Pvt Ltd.
"Learnt basics of selling in an interesting way , various formulas, questioning skills, opening statements etc were fantastic things to learn and put to practice in daily life."
Purnank Desai, Manager, Mudra Group
"Excellent program, its like a rebirth to me. Best spent 3 days of my life. Highly recommended."
Sandeep Singh, Director, United Sample Private Limited
"….where was this program 10 years ago? I wish I had an opportunity to do it then….."
John Duckworthy, Financial Controller, Revlon SDN, BHD, Malaysia
"It is a great programme and Mr. Shiv Khera’s energy levels are exceptional for the entire 2 days. The person who attends it would become a great public speaker."
S.Bagavathy Appan, V.P- JCB India Ltd
"The programme helped me to boost my self confidence in Public Speaking. It helped me to make a long presentation very effectively without any paper help."
Mr. Rao – Director, Ministry of Environment & Forest
"The Program put my stage fright and nervousness to rest. After these two days, I am confident that I will succeed and be a phenomenal Public Speaker."
Siddarth Jashnani, Director, Momentum Controls Pvt. Ltd.
"Insight into Myself. Fresh and powerful motivation. Tools and principles which if used effectively will change my life completely and for the better."
S.V Himatsingha, Deputy Managing Director, Indian Carbon Ltd.
"Actually this program has helped me to wipe out the dust on my performing brain as I have won many sales performance awards in the past but today I came to know that my selling skills were not even 40-50% of the required skills to be the best performer. Thanks to Mr.Khera."
Sameer Narsiker, Regional Manager, NDS Services Pay TC Technology Pvt.Ltd
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"Shiv has touched my mind and opened my heart to give back to society the values that have made me succeed as a doctor and a CEO of Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore."

Dr. Timothy Low, CEO, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore



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